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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I buy directly from Sunshine Labs?

    Yes, you can purchase our nutraceutical products directly from our website. For controlled substances, you will need to provide verification of your licensing.

    What makes Sunshine Labs unique?

    Our Dealer’s License allows us to produce, assemble, sell and transport (import/export) several controlled substances. This includes methamphetamine, MDMA, Psilocybin, Coca leaf, Cocaine, Morphine, Diacetylmorphine (heroin), and Opium. All products, including our unique nutraceuticals, follow current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP).

    What does your lab do?

    Our laboratory is legally authorized to research the medicinal uses of restricted substances, and traditional whole plants, as well as the benefits of their pharmaceutical extracts. Sunshine Labs operates under Health Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA). We are committed to the safe, effective, and sustainable use of plant medicines.

    Can you sell controlled substances to the general public?

    We do not sell or distribute controlled substances to the general public. Our Health Canada licensing allows us to to produce, assemble, sell and transport to other licensed dealers or authorized parties. This means that our controlled substances are directly handled by medical professionals for purposes of licensed Safer Supply.

    Who does Health Canada allow you to sell to?

    A licensed dealer may sell or provide a controlled substance to:

    • Another licensed dealer
    • A pharmacist
    • A practitioner
    • A hospital employee
    • A person who is exempted under section 56
    • To the Minister
    What is Safer Supply?

    A safe, consistent dose is best to manage treatment outcomes for those accessing restricted substances for therapeutic purposes. Safe supply means that these naturally-sourced medicines meet the same standards as all other approved pharmaceuticals, namely cGMP standards. Patients deserve the same level of transparency and accountability that any other approved medicine is required to have.

    Why is Safer Supply needed?

    According to the BC Coroners Service, 84% of Unregulated Drug Deaths in BC have involved Fentanyl contaminations in 2023 so far. June 2023 has had a 17% increase in Unregulated Drug Deaths compared to June 2022, to the amount of 6.1 deaths per day on average. The BCCC has also stated that prescribed Safer Supply has not contributed to the number of deaths. Having a Safe Supply of controlled substances is essential to saving lives.

    Why is awareness of the Toxic Drug Crisis important for everyone?

    According to the Government of Canada, “just under half (48%) of accidental apparent opioid toxicity deaths so far in 2023 (January-March) also involved a stimulant.” Awareness of stimulant-related deaths is important because those who use drugs only to mark a special occasion or event may think that occasional use has little health consequences, but because of the Toxic Drug Crisis, most stimulants are poly-substance and may also contain opioids like fentanyl: “Among accidental stimulant-related poisoning hospitalizations so far in 2023 (January-March), 62% involved co-poisoning with an opioid.” In “…stimulant-related poisoning hospitalizations, fentanyl and its analogues were involved in 40% of accidental stimulant-related poisoning hospitalizations.”

    Who supports Safer Supply?

    Given the substantial amount of evidence-based research, the call for Safer Supply comes from numerous reputable sources, including:

    • The First Nations Health Authority
      the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
    • the Federal Government of Canada
    • the Chief Coroner of BC
    • BC’s Provincial Health Officer
    • BC Center for Disease Control
    How do I get in touch with you if I’m a qualified buyer?

    Please reach out to us to access our gated controlled substances catalogue. We’d be happy to work with you once we see you qualify under the CDSA.