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Why Invest?

The Opportunity

The Compound Growth Rate of Controlled Substance is 5.34% In 2023 it is $88.95 billion and by 2032 it’s expected to be $142.11 billion. Given the importance of safety, the most appropriate route to market is through a clinical, pharmaceutical setting. 

Access to prescription opioids became more difficult starting in 2015. Fentanyl entered the street market at this time. Overdose deaths continue to rise, and experts predict a stimulant crisis is next. Almost half of accidental apparent opioid toxicity deaths Jan-Mar 2023 also involved a stimulant. Occasional users are also victims of the toxic drug supply.

The underlying cause of substance use disorder is trauma and unaddressed mental health issues. Psychedelic-assisted therapy is effective at treating addiction and trauma. In fact, research has shown it is a breakthrough treatment. 

Mental health disorders are a related and urgent health crisis worldwide, exacerbated by the pandemic. According to a Harvard study, the medical cost of mental health conditions is estimated to rise by $6 trillion by 2030.

Our Approach

Sunshine Labs acknowledges the global impact of the Toxic Drug Crisis. As decriminalization of controlled substances expands, we are poised to provide and distribute products to our international partners. In Canada, dialogue with local health authorities and all levels of government continues.

We can help save lives by working with experts on the leading edge of this crisis. Sunshine Labs can provide a legitimate, safer supply. Safer Supply is evidence-based with extensive research funded by Health Canada.

Sunshine Labs will be supplying controlled substances for medical research. Our goals include offering an advanced naloxone delivery system and establishing therapeutic partnerships worldwide. Our addiction and trauma therapy program is an integral part of the Solution.

To build brand awareness and provide health products for everyone, we’ve developed our own unique Natural Health Products. These six nutraceuticals support well-being. Sales are now open with our new website. Each product has “A Drop of Sunshine” in the form of Vitamin D. People worldwide know who we are and can purchase our functional mushroom products. 


Phase 1

Health Canada Certified Building to Secure Dealer’s License. Completed May 2022

  • Strategically planned to be small and scalable shortening the timeline from lab construction to licensing. Aims to meet, but not exceed the current legal market for controlled substances. 
  • Development of current and European Good Manufacturing Practices (c/euGMP) and associated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for production and sales. 
  • Current target markets include international buyers and local health authorities. 
  • Nutraceutical applications approved by Health Canada for our Natural Product Numbers (NPN’s).
Phase 2

Build partnerships and secure agreements internationally

  • Supply agreements with international pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors for controlled substances, pharmaceutical products and medical devices. 
  • Procurement of international purchase agreements and purchase orders from pharmaceutical wholesalers. 
  • Developing national partnerships with non-profit organizations delivering harm reduction programs. 
  • Inititiating international therapeutic partnerships for the provision of psychedelic medicine for addiction and trauma therapy.
Phase 3

Add Site 2 To Controlled Substances Dealer’s License

  • Strategically planned to be 4,000 square feet and follow c/euGMP to meet demand from the growing controlled substances marketplace. 
  • Concentrating on the active compounds from whole plant extracts as well as synthetically-derived products will allow us to access both the natural and manufactured drug markets. 
  • Fulfilling our own demands and then offering white-labeled products to other companies will help to close the supply gap thus increasing profitability. 
  • Building international relationships to import and export ethically sourced medical products for Safer Supply.



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