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Wholesale Case of Lion’s Mane 10:1 with Vitamin D


Lion’s Mane promotes “Nerves of Steel and the Memory of a Lion.” 

This mushroom boosts concentration, uplifts mood, and sparks creativity. In traditional medicine, Lion’s Mane is used to promote brain health, memory, and mental clarity. It contains compounds that support neurogenesis and improved cognitive function. The neuroprotective properties of Lion’s Mane shield from oxidative stress and inflammation.

Each case includes 12 pouches. Each pouch has 60 capsules.

Additional information

Weight 600 g
Dimensions 24.1 × 16.5 × 8.9 cm
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Sunshine Labs unique formulas have a drop of vitamin D in each capsule. Whether you seek better focus, or sleep, more resilience to stress, or a stronger immune system, our potent functional mushrooms are a powerful addition to your routine. Enjoy a Drop of Sunshine everyday and feel your best!

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