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Our Functional Mushroom Formulas have “A Drop Of Sunshine”

Why did we add Vitamin D to our Mushrooms?

Taking a low dose of Vitamin D daily is an effective way to maintain optimal levels of this essential micronutrient throughout your life.  With receptors throughout the body, this fat soluble vitamin supports bone strength, heart health and the immune system. It also is shown to reduce systemic inflammation and prevent certain types of cancers, as well as diabetes. 

Fun Fact: Vitamin D is a steroid hormone! Sunlight converts the cholesterol in your skin to D3. Your organs then activate it.

Each of our functional mushroom formulas has a drop of Vitamin D added to it. We did this because so many people are low in this essential nutrient that plays a crucial role in overall health.  Up to 70% of youth have insufficient levels, as well as people of colour and the elderly being more affected. We want to make it easy for everyone to have enough Vitamin D to ensure good health for as long as possible. 

New Research on Inflammation

Low levels of Vitamin D are associated with low grade systemic inflammation in the body. This recent study of 300,000 people compared elevated cross reactive protein levels (CRP) to low 25-OH-D.  CRP is a blood marker that measures inflammation in the body. The study concluded that by increasing Vitamin D intake, high CRP levels could be corrected. 

What Contributes to Low Levels?

Living far from the equator means less exposure to sunlight contributing to low levels. For example, Norwegians must supplement between October and March because their skin can’t produce enough D3.

People with darker skin are also more prone to Vitamin D deficiency. Higher amounts of melanin helps protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays but reduces Vitamin D synthesis resulting in lower levels. 

Cancer Prevention

When serum blood levels of Vitamin D are increased to a baseline of at least 52 ng/ml, research shows a 50% reduction in incidence of breast cancer. Other estrogen type cancers and prostate cancer also respond positively to Vitamin D.  

Lifestyle Factors

We see evidence that kids who spend more time inside have lower levels of Vitamin D.  Spending time with skin exposed to the sun is the best way to have optimal levels. Staying active along with enough Vitamin D results in healthy bones and increases health span. Health span measures the quality of life, not just length. You can enjoy longevity and happiness with a drop of sunshine everyday!